Gallery Visit #2

 Today I went to the Daniel Maltzman gallery on N Beverly Drive. The entire gallery had all of his works, and there were about 10-15 pretty large paintings. At first I walked around a bit then chose my two favorite works which are uploaded with this post. I walked up and back from each a few times to view it from as many angles as possible.

These paintings are so modern, fresh, and bold; it immediately grabbed my attention. The figures are more abstractly and loosely rendered, yet have such a realistic alive feeling to them. The brush strokes are messy yet perfectly placed, and evoke emotion and movement. The size is also extremely intriguing because when standing right next to it, you can’t exactly tell what it is. The size of the piece creates an interaction with the viewer. Some of his paintings almost look like pre-sketches, but they are rendered so well and work so perfectly.

I absolutely love this artist and his style. I went on his website and found a painting of a skull he did also- so cool. I feel like he incorporates the kind of graphic style I love, as well as has a similar commentary on women, pop culture, and fashion. I really enjoyed  the very abstract, colorful backgrounds and how it flows around and on to the figure. I also thought he did an amazing job at using chunks of color to create shadows and make the figures look life like.ImageImageImage


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