Kush Fine Art

Vladimir Kush is a surrealist artist from Russia that focuses on painting and sculpture. I’ll admit that I’ve been to this gallery space once or twice before, but in my defense it was almost 4 years ago. The work of Vladimir Kush is unlike any other body of work I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. And seeing it years later with a stronger painting, and sculptural background, I appreciate it more then ever. Back in 2010, this Laguna Beach gallery space opened and I was lucky enough to make it to the opening night. There was an incredible video played that was a stream of animated versions of the exact paintings that surround the walls of the space. (Here is the link for a quick version of the animated video. http://vladimirkush.com/animation. It’s really worth taking a look at.) Along with this video there were sculptures created that emulated the images within the incredible collection of paintings.

vladimir rose painting

vladimir sculpture
These oil paintings are not only visually pleasing to look at, but they are painted with such expertise and realistic qualities, that anyone who views them seems to be beyond amazed with Kush’s talent. Among most of the work Kush sets up a scene in which you can easily read the upfront location. As you gaze further into the work you start to see what certain aspects are made of and how they morph into something completely different. When you think your looking at a vase with some flowers in it, set besides a window sill, you then realize that your actually looking at a woman’s body with a giant head of flowers emerging from the vase. These surrealist images are visually creative as well as metaphorical. Being that you can relate a woman to the natural aspects of a rose or a flower. Seeing a woman romantically gazing out of a window in the nighttime is a scene that is also believable. Another example of this is his “Departure of the Winged Ship,” which displays large ship with sails made from butterflies. More of his work incorporates highly detailed miniature figures helping to build what would appear to be a huge structure or building, much like we do in the world today. But unlike building it in a human way, they work like little ants in an unrealistic process. Examples of these structures are giant fish made of coins or giant iguanas being pieced together. All highly detailed and beautifully rendered.
vladimir painting gun

Vladimir Kush one of my favorite working painters today and it was beyond exciting to visit the gallery years later to view even more works he has recently created. My favorite aspect of all of his work is the interchangeability of people, animals, nature, and mechanical goods, which he blends together to form single images. I love the ability to change peoples perspectives of what they are seeing, making them feel as though they could be surprised at any moment while looking within your work. It is this uncertainty and illusion that I strive for. I believe that seeing the work of Vladimir Kush when I first began making art has helped develop this desire for me as an artist myself. Overall, I highly recommend getting a chance to view this work, not only online, but in person as well. You will not be disappointed.

-Valerie Schub


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