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Amanda Ross-Ho

Amanda Ross-Ho is an artist with a very diverse practice, but I wanted to write about her show at the MOCA Pacific Design Center, Teeny Tiny Woman. She typically uses large segments of wall, seemingly taken directly out of her studio, and placed into the gallery. Each wall panel, however, is not merely a catalog of accidental drips and spills, but a carefully constructed artwork about the boundaries of painting, photography, and sculpture. There are some paintings in the show, but none of which can be judged only within the tradition of painting. Rather each piece asks us to consider the practice of painting itself.

I would include pictures of her show, but as each work was created specifically for the gallery, there are no images available. However, because her work often takes the form of her studio walls, you will often see previous work (particularly photographs) hung on, depicted, or included in the work at her MOCA show.

“Frauds for an Inside Job” 2008. Dimensions Variable — 9 sections total
Installation view of 2008 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA

Instead of images, then, interviews. Here’s a video from an exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco; this interview is from Art in America; this one in BOMBand finally a piece on her current show at MOCA Pacific Design Center by KCRW.

Amanda Ross-Ho attained her MFA at USC in 2006, and will be speaking this year as a part of the USC graduate lecture series on October 3.