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Athletic body references

Check out this post for some helpful (and plentiful) references for athletic bodies, according to sport.

Here’s an example:



Laura Owens

Here are some images of Laura Owens’ work:

In class I also mentioned her recent exhibition that had one work across multiple canvasses and an intergalactic looking theme. There is a small image and

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a review of the show here:

You can see a lot more of her images on google:\

Although her works seem to be painted in a very loose and unplanned manner, she actually paints numerous studies for each painting. She talks about her process in an interview here:


Here are some links you might be interested in

Images and press releases of international solo and group exhibitions (not specific to painting but updated daily)

Website that lists upcoming and current exhibitions and events around LA. You can sign up for the listserve and receive weekly emails letting you know about openings, events and artist talks:

Blog of photos (mostly taken at openings) of exhibitions in LA

Jana Euler

Painting shows in LA

Hello all,

Here are some painting shows that are currently on or will be opening sometime in the next couple of months. I will post an updated listed at some point too.


Tom Knechtel

Marc Selwyn Fine Art

December 10 – January 28th


Eddie Peake

Mihai Nicodim

December 17 – February 3rd


Glenn Ligon


October 23 – January 22nd


Jan Van Imschoot

LTD Los Angeles

January 6 – February 4th


Karen Liebowitz with Nancy Blum and Vanessa Conte

Rosamund Felson Gallery

January 7 – February 4th


Matthew Porter

M + B

January 7 – February 11th


Izhar Patkin

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

January 7 – February 18th


Alex Couwenberg and Karl Benjamin

William Turner Gallery

January 7 – February 18th


Daniel Richter

Regen Projects

January 7 – February 18th


Raffi Kalenderian and Ingrid Calame

Susanne Vielmetter

January 7 – February 11th


Gregory Edwards, Caitlin Lonegan, William J. O’Brien & Mariah Robertson


January 7 – February 4th


Adam Ross

Angles Gallery

January 7 – February 18th


Frances Stark and Alessandro Pessoli

Marc Foxx

January 7 – February 11th


Damien Hirst

Gagosian Gallery–january-12-2012-9

January 12 – February 10th


Jonah Lipps

Thomas Solomon Gallery

January 14th – March 3rd


David Amico

Ace Gallery

Through February 18th


Alan Michael

December 17 – February 4th

Brian Calvin, Charles Garabedian, Zach Harris, John McAllister

Nov 19 – January 21st

David Kordanksky Gallery


Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Art Fair

Santa Monica

January 19 – 22nd


Ryan Sluggett

Richard Telles Fine Art

January 21 – February 25th


Elsworth Kelly


January 22 – April 22nd


In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States (Frieda Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Louise Bourgeois, Lee Miller and others)


January 29 – May 6th


Alex Hubbard


February 18 – May 20th


Ed Moses

Ace Gallery

Opening February 25th


Rosson Crow

Honor Fraser

February 25th – April 7th


Daniel Cummings


March 17 – April 21st